Saturday, November 17, 2007

Foundations: What is Dreams?

Dreams is a community of people residing in Second Life, some of whom are stroke survivors or have Asperger Syndrome/autism.

The Dream Travelers are the main activity force behind Dreams. The group was started in July, 2005 after The Sojourner (Soj) realized that the group needed to be multi-pronged in order to accomplish its goals:
1. To provide a base for creative interaction among people in SL.
2. To provide an area for teaching, holding discussions, and holding events.
3. To give an outlet for the products of the dreams spun on this land.
4. To support the needs of people with stroke, Asperger Syndrome, autism, neurological conditions in general and their families and friends.
5. To provide an environment in which people feel safe to explore their abilities.

Everyone wants to belong, to have a sense of purpose, to have aspirations. However, not everyone dreams the same. Some people need a bit of isolation, others need to play off of each other. Dreams is here to provide that variety. Most of all, it is here to provide support, learning, and fun.

The Dream Travelers as a group have several designations/titles. The Dream Seekers are the main body of the group. The Dream Travelers are active in their participation in assisting others and pursuing their own goals. Dream Spinners teach. Dream Catchers assist in maintaining the safety of the sim. Dream Weavers are the advisory council. Regardless of the role, each person is charged with trying to find a way to take what is in each one of us and to explore it.. turning it inside out and back again... and then to pursue something that we have thought to be beyond us, having a place among friends to do that.

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