Saturday, November 17, 2007

Foundation: BrainTalk and Dreams

written by John Lester with additional information by The Sojourner

Braintalk Communities is a non-profit organization that provides online environments to help people dealing with neurological conditions. The main website ( offers hundreds of forums and chatrooms for self-help support groups focused on a wide range of neurological disorders. Braintalk's mission since 1993 is to create safe and supportive virtual spaces where the general public, patients, and caregivers can share experiences and emotional support. Extending this mission into Second Life, Braintalk created "Brigadoon," a private region and community for supporting people dealing with Asperger's Syndrome. Other ongoing Second Life projects supported by Braintalk include the publically accessible regions "Live2Give" (for people dealing with Cerebral Palsy) and "Dreams" (for Stroke Survivors). If you would like more information about Braintalk, please contact John Prototype/John Lester.


While Brigadoon and Live2Give are no longer functioning projects, they gave rise to a number of projects within Second Life. (The program was a success and members "outgrew" the project and started programs of their own.) One of these projects was Dreams, started by The Sojourner, in Second Life. Dreams encompasses, ShockProof (a group interested in stroke) and the Brigadoon Explorers (the mainland group of individuals interested in Asperger Syndrome and autism).

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